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Tips to change the look of your old bedroom
02/02/2016 6:07 pm

Use new fabrics and linens

Using the same cushions, the same fabric and the same linen might give quite a boring feeling. It might not sound quite appealing returning to the same look everyday. Well change the outlook of your room with simple chantges. Use new gabrics, rugs, curtains etc to give an altogether a new look to your room. 

Change the paint

The color of your bedroom is one of the most important factor to give a new appeal and feel to the room. Simply change the color of your walls and get an all together new feeling. Returning back to your room all of a sudden becomes exciting and interesting. 

Add new decorative pieces

Adding a few new pieces of decorative showpieces and give a beautiful look to your room. Its time you redress your room with stunning artefacts. Also add a few paintings on a wall. 

Add an accent wall

If you feel quite sultry about your room. if you feel that simply paint and showpieces cannot change the look, then simply add a wallpaper to one side of the wall and make it an accent wall. This is an easiest and most pocket friendly way to give a new look to an old room

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