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Living Room : How important it is
01/14/2016 5:22 pm

Living room is indeed the most important part of your house. The very term indicates that its the section of the house that is meant to be "LIVED". However we often tend to keep the living rooms neat, tidy and picture perfect so as to entertain the guest. Special attention is given to keep this section of the house a little more decorative and beautiful. However a living room is actually an area for the members to meet, live and relax. Its a place where one should leave the tension behind and come together to "Live moments of togetherness".

A living room is like a mirror to the owners personality. Hence this section of the house should be duly taken care of:

  • Light and neutral shades should be chosen for a living room. 
  • Wooden flooring, carpets, full length  rugs can also be used for the flooring of the living room.
  • Choosing the right furniture is also very important. Minimal furniture  as per the taste must be used to give an open feeling to the section. If the area is large, two to three small seating can be placed to  accommodate the guests.  
  • Lighting is yet another aspect that has to be taken care of. Its always  advisable to have a combination of diffused and bright lights so that  they can be used as per the mood.
  • Lot of pillows can be used to decorate the sofa. this also makes the seating arrangement look more vivid and comfortable.

Designin as your agency takes lot of care in designing the living room, making it just the perfect place for the family to get along together.

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