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Importance of Lighting in Interior Decoration
03/30/2016 5:47 pm

The proper lighting is one of the key factor in giving the right look and feel to your house, The proper lighting changes the mood of the place. When the right lighting is induced in a place in accordance to the colors of the walls, textures, furnitures etc, it transforms a room into a seamlessingly functional unit with style. Both natural and man made lightings are important to give the proper look to a space. If a room is dark and does not have adequate lighting it is surely gonna look cramped and give a dizzy feeling. Natural light makes everything look at its best. When there is not sufficient source for natural lighting in a place, lightings have to be introduced in the space by adding wall hung chandeliers, lights, table lamps etc. The artificial lighting thats used up to create an ambience in the home is categorized into three parts

Ambient Lighting : This includes the chandeliers and the wall hung lighting which usually illuminates the whole space

Task Lighting : The lights that are used to illuminate a special area or fulfil a special purpose. They however give an amazing look to the space. For e.g the use of a table lamp

Accent lighting : These are the category of lightings which are used to highlight a particular painting, statue etc. This gives an added effect to your favourite piece of art

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