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Designing your kitchen as per vaastu
01/27/2016 5:15 pm

As you step in your dream abode, all you want is peace, tranquility and happiness. As Designin takes up the interiors of your dream home, our team make sure that the design of every segment of the house is in sync with proper vaastu. Design is a journey of discovery and over the years of meticulous planning we have noted that well laid vastu plans are equally important along with "Great Designs". As it is said, it does not matter if a house is modern or traditionally designed, Classic or long as it has a feel good factor in it, its bound to be a HOME. 

A kitchen represents the soul of your house. Some of the major vaastu tips that we take into consideration while designing the kitchen of your house

  • The ideal location for the kitchen is the South East corner of  the house. The fire element governs this zone. This is to say that the  member who is cooking should be facing towards east.
  • The gas stove representing fire should also be placed in the south east zone
  • There should be ample space between the gas stove and the sink Basically these should not be placed in the same line. This is because water and fire repel each other,
  • The refrigerator should be placed in the south west corner and almost one foot away from the corner.
  • All the other electrical appliances should be placed like toasters, grillers, oven etc should be placed in the south or south-east direction. 
  • All that needs to be stored including the foodgrains, the crockery, oil etc should be done on the south wall or the western wall. North and east walls must be avoided.
  • The RO machine, the pitchers etc should be placed in the north-east side of the kitchen
  • Vibrant colors like yellow, green, brown etc should be usd in the kitchen.

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