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Designing Gateways For Stress free Living
01/25/2016 5:18 pm

A bedroom is a place which is honestly the gateway to all your feelings and choices. Your taste, your love for colors find an expression through the way you get your bedroom designed.

Soothing colors in the room

A bedroom is like a sanctuary...a place where one retire after a worked out day. The colors chosen for the room is thus very important to give you that tranquil feeling

Smooth textures for ceiling

While lying on the bed, one looks upto the ceiling and thus this section of your room should not be left blank. Adding simple texture or a pattern can surely create a special effect for this wall of your room

Simple furniture

Furniture is the most important part of the bedroom. The furniture should be kept minimal, elegant and simple. There should be lot of empty walking space in the room. The room should not appear to be cluttered. 

Accessorize your room

Beautiful artwork, flowers and candles are some ways to decorate the room without the use of furnitures. Give a serene look to the room with the use of luxurious linens. 

Designin is your partner to design beautiful rooms for you. We aim to create a cherished place for you to relax and have a complete gateway to your vent out feelings

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