Designin is a Interior Designing Company in Kolkata with highly professional Interior Designers offers all types of design solutions for Residential as well as Commercial purpose.
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12/18/2015 4:56 pm

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You tell us about your project and we give you a quote. We are booked as your official interior designer. We design your house taking into account the practicality and the aesthetics. But, the work does not end here. It indeed begins here. We have an ardent team of professionals who work day in nd out to give a wow smile to your face. We as an interior designer realize that a home is made of love and dreams. This is the small piece of land which is meant to be the most beautiful place for you on the entire globe. Its the place where your story about "happy ever after" begins. To make this place a paradise, our experts give their advise on the latest trends and modules. They give you ideas as to how to decorate your homes in smart and stylish ideas. With a passion to transform ordinary places to beautiful abodes we visualize to sprinkle happiness and cheers everywhere.

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Holding no. AS/96/216/08, Ramakrishna Pally, Mandal Ganthi, VIP road, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700052
Holding no. AS/96/216/08, Ramakrishna Pally, Mandal Ganthi, VIP road
West Bengal
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