Designin is a Interior Designing Company in Kolkata with highly professional Interior Designers offers all types of design solutions for Residential as well as Commercial purpose.
02/04/2016 4:40 pm
A professional interior designing firm, Designin has its vested interest in transferring ordinary places into amazing abodes...a place where the mind and heart rests in peace and tranquility. With each project that the company undertakes, it goes a step further in understanding its clients, creating novel designs and sparkling souls with their amazing creativity.
02/03/2016 4:51 pm
Designin believes in making spaces where every heart wants to return back to. A place that is welcoming and represents who we are.
Every step, every design laid out by our team is in lieu with the international standards keeping in mind the fact that measuring and laying out the room in advance can save a lot of headaches and mismanagement.
Using the same cushions, the same fabric and the same linen might give quite a boring feeling. It might not sound quite appealing returning to the same look everyday. Well change the outlook of your room with simple chantges.
01/29/2016 6:02 pm
With positive thoughts and positive actions, we at Designin aim to deliver positive results. Positivity in every action, Positivity in our ideas have always been the cornerstone policy guiding our very move and every action.
01/28/2016 3:06 pm
Designin is your partner in interior design and decoration. With its diligent efforts and ideas the team at Designin promises to translate your property into a unique construction that is sure to bring a wow smile on your face.
As you step in your dream abode, all you want is peace, tranquility and happiness. As Designin takes up the interiors of your dream home, our team make sure that the design of every segment of the house is in sync with proper vaastu.
A bedroom is a place which is honestly the gateway to all your feelings and choices. Your taste, your love for colors find an expression through the way you get your bedroom designed.
01/22/2016 5:49 pm
01/21/2016 3:10 pm
Designin offers you a complete Bedroom Interior Design solutions. Check out some of the Bedroom Design Projects done by us.
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Holding no. AS/96/216/08, Ramakrishna Pally, Mandal Ganthi, VIP road, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700052
Holding no. AS/96/216/08, Ramakrishna Pally, Mandal Ganthi, VIP road
West Bengal
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